How to Work with Hosting while the Domain is not Active

The DNS update usually takes up to 4 hours, however, the DNS cache of the ISP can be updated for much longer — up to 3 days. If the domain recently changed the NS record, or the domain was recently registered, you can check the site by typing in the hosts file the correspondence between the IP server and domain.

1. Speaking in plain language - in the hosts file the force prescribes binding domain to a certain IP, and when a domain is registered, it does not matter what name server address. For this computer, it will always lead to IPS specified in the file hosts.

2. Consider the example of editing hosts file under WINDOWS. But in Unix systems, this file is also located at /etc/hosts.
So, suppose You have registered hosting domain The host account was created, You received a letter with the data. Now you want to link the domain.
Next, bind domain to hosting it on our computer.
To do this, go on your way C:\WINDOWS (or another way to Windows)\System32\drivers\etc\

3. See the hosts file. You need to open it. There is a caveat. If You have WINDOWS XP and lower version, then just open the file with Notepad, if You have version VISTA, SEVEN, or above, then first, open Notepad (or another text editor) as ADMINISTRATOR and then open the hosts file. Otherwise, you will not be able to edit it.

In the screenshots, we tried to describe the process:

4. Now you need to find the IP address of Your server hosting. This IP is email created on the hosting account. There he repeated several times, as the IPS panel, the temporary FTP host, server IP.

In our case, the IP

5. Now at the end of the file hosts, enter IP address of your domain and domain name. In our case, this came out

6. Enter and maintain.

7. Now your computer knows which server to send requests to open the website. Sometimes to apply the changes, you may need to restart the computer and clear the browser cache.

When the provider is accurately updated DNS information — for example, after a week, you must remove the line address and the domain from the hosts file. This will eliminate possible problems in the future: server address changes sometimes, and if it is hard-coded in the hosts from your computer, the website will not be available.

Keep up the good work!

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