Server updates !!

Server hardware and software updates have been made.
More resources, faster websites.
Now the default PHP version is 7.2, you can change PHP version from cPanel hosting management system.

22nd May 2019
PHP 7.3 Now Available on All Hosting Plans!

We’re happy to announce we now officially support PHP 7.3 on all our web hosting services.  PHP 7.3 is the third point release in the 7.x series and it comes with many outstanding improvements and new features.

To enable PHP 7.3 all you need to do is login to cPanel go to ‘Select PHP Version’:

8th Apr 2019
Server software update 22.02.2019

Database server updated for all servers
Now  MariaDB 10.3

PHP Versions now available
5.6.40 / 7.0.33 / 7.1.26 / 7.2.15

Apache Version

23rd Feb 2019
Free SSL Certificate with every hosting.

Surprises from HayHost continue !!!
From now on, all hosting packages, except the Economy package, include a free SSL certificate.
Be protected and raise your site's rating with HayHost

16th Dec 2018
AM domain name for 8000AMD

Hurry up !!!Register AM domain names for 8000 AMD !!!Easy Registration and Payment. The top-level domain of Armenia is the national domain. Also can be used as AM radio, AMERICA, AMSTERDAM. .am domain registration is a good opportunity for local and international organizations to present their business in Armenia. The minimum allowed length of ... Read More »

21st Nov 2018
Added IP address unblocking method

From now on you can check whether your IP address is blocked on a given hosting server.

If your IP address is in a list, you can remove the block by one click.

Visit the hosting service page, click the Firewall button on the left.

13th Aug 2018
Hosting accounts will not be suspended in Saturdays and Sundays.

HayHost is working for customer convenience.

From now on, the hosting account will not be suspended for non-payment on Saturday and Sunday.
This will allow you to pay overdue bills for the next business day and avoid suspension of services.

17th Apr 2018
No more 3-year SSL certificates

No more 3 year licensing. The SSL industry is further shoring up their defenses, and doing away with 3 year certificate licesning terms on all SSL! Effective the 1 st March 2018, the new maximum permissible term on any and all certificates will be 2 years, well actually, to be specific 27 months. The 27 months comprises the initial 24 months ... Read More »

7th Apr 2018
New payment method - IDRAM payment system

Dear customers, now you can pay for our services via IDRAM payment system.

26th Jan 2018