How To Register a Domain Name

Before you register a domain, determine the domain name. It must accurately represent the site and scope of activity.
It is recommended that you select a short and memorable domain name.

1. Go to, on the Home page or "Domain Registration" page, then enter the domain name you need in the domain search field, and click "Search".
for example
Dmain registrarion guide

2. The system will direct you to a page where information on domain availability and other options with this name will be presented.

3. Select one or more domains, click "Add to Cart" and "Continue"

Please note that if this domain is unavailable, you may be interested in this domain in other domain zones:

Select Domain

4. For selected domains, you can also order web hosting that will be automatically configured for this domain (point 1 on the screenshot below).

- You can also hide the domain name registration data by selecting the WHOIS protection service (point 2 on the screenshot below).
- WHOIS protection for. AM and .հայ  domains is free and always on.
- You can configure DNS server addresses for the selected domain. If you do not fill out your DNS address, the program will set our main DNS addresses by default. You can change it later (point 3 on the screenshot below):

Domain registration settings

5. On the "view and payment" page, you can view the details of the order, and select the domain registration period.
Please, note that some domains have discounts upon registration for 2 or more years (Point 1 on the screenshot below).

6. Enter a discount code, if you have one (point 2 on the screenshot below). 

Domain Registration cart

7. After paying the bill, the domain will go to the registration stage.


Congratulations! Now you know how to register a domain on HayHost.

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