How to transfer your .am domain name to HayHost

How to transfer a valid domain .am from another Registrar to HayHost and enjoy high-quality service?
Domain transfer is free.
Of course, you can just write a letter or call and our team will help us to transfer the domain.
There are two ways of transferring .am Doman.

.am Domain transfer method N1
This method of domain transfer is possible if your domain is active, and you have access to domain administrative email. Check the address.

1) To start the process of transferring a domain requires domain EPP code.
To get the EPP code, you need to get the password of the domain by enter domain here.
Code will be sent to domain administrative email.

2) Then type here, domain, and password that you received.
The system will give you the domain EPP code. Save it!

3) On the Transfer Domain page enter your Domain and EPP code. Follow the instructions to begin the domain transfer process.

.am Domain transfer method N2
This method of domain transfer is convenient if you have no access to domain administrative email.

To transfer .am domain:

1) Download the appropriate application, complete, print, sign, stamp (if you are legal. person).
2) Send us scan copy of your statement or a photo, by opening a ticket or by e-mail.
For individuals it is also necessary to attach a photo or scan copy Passport or ID card.

Download application for transfer .am domain

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