Corporate eMail for your business

Connect your Domain and open mailboxes for your staff:
Create corporate email addresses with your domain name.

What is Corporate Email?

Corporate e-mail is the type of mail whose address contains the domain name of your company. For example, says that this is HayHost's e-mail. Such an email address speaks to the professionalism of the company, raises the rating, is beautiful and easy to remember.

You need to have a registered domain to create an corporate email address.

You can have different mailboxes with company names or employees. Mailing addresses can be of any name and quantity.

How to Set Up a Business Email Address

Mailboxes on site hosting

The hosting packages provided by us have the ability to create mailboxes that are included in the hosting price.

The number of mailboxes and the allowable volume depends on the hosting package.

Corporate mail in Mail.Ru or Yandex mail services

These systems allow you to attach your domain and have mailboxes with your domain, but using the extensive capabilities of Mail.Ru or Yandex systems. mail service is still free. In case of technical knowledge, you can activate it yourself, or order activation and setup with us.

Advantages of business emails

Free mailboxes
for your business
Unlimited space
for corporate emails
from malwares and spam
Apps for
all devices
of emails
Activate corporate email now